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Thu Jun 4 21:19:27 EST 1992

In article <5661CC282000024D at YANG.EARLHAM.EDU> ALLENS at EARLHAM.BITNET (ALLEN SMITH) writes:
>>From: kristoff at (David Kristofferson)

>>bionet.virology charter:
>>It is the intention to use bionet.virology as a group

>>(b) the posting of news on methods or reagents relating
>>to techniques used uniquely for viruses
>>It is not intended to include postings on methods or
>>reagents common to molecular biology. These are better
>>placed in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts.

>        What about the usage of viruses for gene therapy? Is that an
>appropriate topic? If so, please clarify this in the charter.
>        Thanks,
>        -Allen
That is certainly a valid topic, and modification of point b by adding the 
word 'with' to 'uniquely for viruses' I think will embrace your suggestion.
Thank you for posting it, I think viral gene therapy is a HOT topic !

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