Merging with bionet.virology???

Robert J. Coelen robert at
Thu Jun 4 01:35:58 EST 1992

>The HIV newsgroup has not really taken off.  Under our regulations
>nothing will be done about that until the end of the year at which
>time the group might be put on notice of shutdown if it has not
>attracted a minimum amount of use.

>One other option, if one wants to be proactive, would be to merge it
>with bionet.virology (perhaps we specialized with HIV too soon??).
>Such a step would have to be agreeable to the discussion leader of the
>HIV group and its readership, of course.

>What do others think of this idea?

>                               Sincerely,

>                               Dave Kristofferson
It certainly would make 'biological' sense to merge HIV with virology. In
addition, the bionet.virology charter includes discussion on HIV.
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