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Wed Jun 3 03:38:21 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun2.233141.22582 at>, ken at (Ken Fasman) writes:
> At the risk of using too loose an analogy, I think this is like saying that
> groups about DEC's operating system shouldn't include "vms" in their names
> because not everyone knows what "VMS" stands for (do you?  ;-)  ).  Or "IBM"?
> Certainly, our name recognition is orders of magnitude less than theirs.
> However, like it or not, the name by which most of the genetics community 
> knows us is "GDB", not Genome Data Base (although that is our official name).  
> The same is true for Genbank, PIR, PDB, Swiss-Prot, etc.  

I've just run this past some dozen assorted geneticists in different
fields. Couldn't find one who knew what GDB stands for.

Tom Bickle

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