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Tue Jun 2 00:13:24 EST 1992

In article <9206011912.AA23615 at>, danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JH
   U.EDU (Dan Jacobson x-8453) writes:
> I (Dan Jacobson) followed up on Steve Modena's recent post to the net
>  about the AAAS's plans for  an "Online Journal of Clinical Trials" which
>  was mentioned recently on bionet in a discussion about electronic
>  publishing.  The AAAS office sent me a FAX:
>    --------------------------
>   From the information that they FAXED me I gather that this journal
>   is only accessed from an IBM-PC or clone with a modem.
>   The suggested configuration is IBM or compat 386, VGA monitor, mouse,
>   4 Megs of RAM, Windows3.0+ and a 9600 bps modem.  "A Mac platform will
>   be available in 1993."  I take it that all of us working on Unix & VMS
>   boxes are out of luck.  The information doesn't mention ANYTHING about
>   the internet.   This is a bit different definition of 'online' than the
>   bionet community is used to (sigh).
> Steve's comments:
>  Sounds about right...I hope they think about making arrangements
>  with one of the long distance companies to allow a local dial-tone
>  access, just as CompuServe is a _local_ call for most people.  :^)
>  Actually, I hope we have put a bug in their ear about InterNet.  Their
>  plan to be 'online' probably fits the definition of five years ago,
>  but like computer hardware and software, things can get "out of date"
>  pretty quickly.....
>  BTW, my PC clone and Mac SE30 both work OK on the network!  :^)
>  You mean you don't have a Windows 3.1 emulator running on your
>  VAX?!  ;^)    But that's a good point: having access through InterNet
>  opens it up to a lot of computer platforms.  Maybe they are developing
>  proprietary access software. Oh, oh!  We shall see.
        And more than likely, the proprietary software will be a GUI. One
advantage of having it on the Internet is to allow those of us who don't like
the software they provide to access it in a different way.

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