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Dan Jacobson x-8453 danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Mon Jun 1 14:12:29 EST 1992

This is a joint post: 
I (Dan Jacobson) followed up on Steve Modena's recent post to the net
 about the AAAS's plans for  an "Online Journal of Clinical Trials" which
 was mentioned recently on bionet in a discussion about electronic
 publishing.  The AAAS office sent me a FAX:
  From the information that they FAXED me I gather that this journal
  is only accessed from an IBM-PC or clone with a modem. 
  The suggested configuration is IBM or compat 386, VGA monitor, mouse,
  4 Megs of RAM, Windows3.0+ and a 9600 bps modem.  "A Mac platform will
  be available in 1993."  I take it that all of us working on Unix & VMS 
  boxes are out of luck.  The information doesn't mention ANYTHING about
  the internet.   This is a bit different definition of 'online' than the
  bionet community is used to (sigh).

Steve's comments:

 Sounds about right...I hope they think about making arrangements
 with one of the long distance companies to allow a local dial-tone
 access, just as CompuServe is a _local_ call for most people.  :^)

 Actually, I hope we have put a bug in their ear about InterNet.  Their
 plan to be 'online' probably fits the definition of five years ago,
 but like computer hardware and software, things can get "out of date"
 pretty quickly.....

 BTW, my PC clone and Mac SE30 both work OK on the network!  :^)
 You mean you don't have a Windows 3.1 emulator running on your
 VAX?!  ;^)    But that's a good point: having access through InterNet
 opens it up to a lot of computer platforms.  Maybe they are developing
 proprietary access software. Oh, oh!  We shall see.

Dan Jacobson and Steve Modena

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