Photosynthesis Congress in Japan

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Mon Jun 1 08:32:14 EST 1992

In article <101vvoINNa7d at>, takasu at (Masako Takasu) writes:
>    I heard that there is going to be an international conference
> on photosynthesis in the beginning of September in Nagoya, Japan.
> Does anyone know the name and the mailing address of the organizer?
> I also appreciate any other information on the conference.
>                 Thanks,                   Masako Takasu
>                                        takasu at

IXth International Congress on Photosynthesis
30th August - 5th September 1992, Nagoya Congress Center, Nogoya, Japan

Congress Secretariat:  Prof. Norio Murata
                       National Institute for Basic Biology
                       Okazaki 444, Japan
                       Fax 81-564-54-4866
                       Email: MURATA at JPNONRI.BITNET
                       Telex 4537-475-KOKKEN J

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