Scientific Databases survey

Rob Harper harper at
Mon Jun 1 04:21:34 EST 1992

I have made the results of the database survey available on
you can get the file from the directory /pub/sci/molbio/biodocs under the
name survey.databases, via anonymous ftp. Give your userid at node as a password,
when logging in. The file is 2005 lines long and takes up 78 K

Convex /csc/harper/Mail 12> wc survey.databases
    2005   11610   78689 survey.databases

Many different sets of opinions are presented... commercial users,
database managers, ordinary end users. I would like to thank everyone
who took the time to reply. I only did cosmetic editing to the files,
to remove of excessive mail headers, and stylistic signatures. Otherwise
the text has not been altered, save for short extracts that were obviously
intended for me personally... these I have removed. The opinions expressed
in the document are those of the original authors.

I hope this document is useful in helping you to develop databases at
you institute, and also help you to establish contacts with people who
already have viable systems up and running.

Best regards

Rob Harper.
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