DIBUG (Biosym Users') Mailing List

Peter S. Shenkin shenkin at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu
Sun Mar 29 17:31:47 EST 1992

There was recently a posting in this group which mentioned the Biosym users'
mailing list.  The posting did not, however, give the correct information
about how to request that one be added to the list.  As a result I have
been receiving a bunch of empty mail messages from people who think that
in order to be added, what one is supposed to do is to send an empty mail
message to dibug-request.  This is not correct.

If you wish to be added to the DIBUG list, please send mail to the following

	dibug-request at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu

(This much was given correctly.)  The mail should include (and this is what was

	Full name
	Organization (University?)
	Location (City;  State or Country)
	Preferred email path (the address that appears on the From: line
	  is often mangled).

I am also appending an "information sheet" on the newsgroup.

	-P.	(DIBUG administrator)



A mailing list has been started for users of Biosym Technologies, Inc. 
software.  This includes the following products:

	InsightII:  visualization and manipulation of biological macromolecules
	Open Interface:  user "hooks" for InsightII
	Discover:  molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, E. minimization
	Dmol:  LDF quantum chemistry calculations
	Homology:  protein model-building tool
	Delphi:  electrostatic-field calculations on biological macromolecules
	Polymer:  calculations on polymer chains

Though the list is maintained by and for the users of Biosym products,
Biosym personnel monitor the list and often respond to user queries.

To subscribe (or, later, to unsubscribe, if you wish) send electronic mail
to the following address:

	dibug-request at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu

To be added to the subscription list, please include the following information:

	Full name
	Organization (University?)
	Location (City;  State or Country)
	Preferred email path (what shows up on the From: line is
	  often corrupted.)

Since this list is being maintained by a real human being, not a program,
there is no special formatting required for this request.  Once I receive 
your request I will add you to the subscription list and send you the 
Official Introduction, which will indicate that I hear you and you hear me. 
If you do not get this introduction within one week of sending your request, 
please write to me and complain bitterly.

To post to the list, send mail to:

	dibug at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu

Oh, yes:  this list is undigested and unmoderated.  In fact, it is barely
coordinated...  however, I have agreed to take on that onorous task.  If you
have reason to believe that email isn't getting through, you can write to
me personally as 

	shenkin at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu (first choice), or
	shenkin at cunixf.cc.columbia.edu (second choice), or as 
	shenkin at cunixf.BITNET (last resort).

Finally, a disclaimer. DIBUG stands for "Discover Insight Biosym Users' Group." 
Resemblance to any other term commonly in use among the computationally
literate is purely coincidental.   :-)

Peter S. Shenkin, Department of Chemistry, Barnard College, New York, NY 10027
(212)854-1418    shenkin at avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu   shenkin at cunixf.BITNET
********** "I've got algorithm -- who could ask for anything more?" **********

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