Ab/Ag energetics

Ed Stokes ebstokes at maxwell.crd.ge.com
Fri Mar 27 07:51:54 EST 1992

I am interested in the physics of antibody-antigen complexes.
None of the biochemistry and immunology books I've consulted
has any real parametric data, and I'd appreciate a pointer.

Four questions come to mind:

1 - What is the range of binding energy that holds an antibody
    antigen complex together ?

2 - What is the relationship between this binding energy and
    the reaction rate constant K, i.e.:

	Ab + Ag ---> AbAg

2 - Is the primary interaction between antibody and antigen
    of a dipole-dipole nature ?

3 - What is the physical size of a typical IgG antibody ?

Thanks in advance.

Ed Stokes
ebstokes at crd.ge.com

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