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mwfolsom at (Mike Folsom) writes:
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: >What about bionet.confocal ;-)
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: >	Tony
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: Actually, it seems to me that something like bionet.microscopy might 
: be a good idea.  I've been thinking about this for a while.  There
: doesn't seem to be a group on the topic and there really should
: be some forum to discuss various problem encountered in microscopic
: research and how different folks get around them.  It strikes me
: that a group just on confocals might be a bit too limited right 
: now, there just ain't enough of 'em out there, but a group on all 
: aspects of microscopy from LM to TEM to LSCM might work.  Anyway,
: I like the idea of mixing things up because after my experiences  
: with a confocal scope the old boundaries don't seem as fixed as they 
: use to be.  For example, who would of thought that the confocal 
: microscope would bring back the old clearing techniques and paraffin
: histology - *well* - I bet they will (especially for me).

I agree with your comments.

I think you should put it forward as a serious proposal if there is a
lot of interest.

There were over a hundred messages posted on the confocal list last
year so it's not as dormant as you might think!


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