call for papers

Kathleen Lee KATHLEEN at UHUNIX.bitnet
Wed Mar 25 16:58:27 EST 1992

Researchers and scholars interested in environmental issues in Korea are
invited to submit articles and papers to Korean Studies, an annual publication
of the Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa. For this
special volume, the journal is seeking contributions from authors interested
in environmental science as well as historical, cultural, social,economic, and
political perspectives on the environmental movement in Korea. This volume of
Korean Studies is planned for publication in the Spring of 1993. Interested
authors are invited to submit proposals as soon as possible. Completed
manuscripts are due August 15, 1992. Guidelines for preparation of manuscripts
are available from the Center for Korean Studies. Contact Edward J. Shultz,
Editor. Korean Studies, 1881 East-West Road, Honolulu,Hawaii 96822. Tel
808-956-7041, fax 808-956-2213. Or for general questions contact kathleen lee

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