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Sun Mar 22 19:34:52 EST 1992

>>>>> On 21 Mar 92 22:09:29 GMT, sslagle at (Stuart Preston Slagle) said:

Slagle> Keywords: bionet, biophysics

Slagle> 	I propose a subgroup for biophysics to cover classical
Slagle> biophysics, physical biochemistry, and bilogical physics.

Perhaps you should say what specific topics you expect to see discussed
in the group.  What's meant by the various permutations of "biolog",
"chem", "phys", "ical", "istry" and so on has become pretty confused.
Tossing "classical" into the stew doesn't help much.

For example, I have on my shelves "Biophysical Chemstry" by Edsall and
Wyman and "Biophysical Chemistry" by Cantor and Schimmel.  They have
little subject matter in common, in spite of the identical titles.

Don Bashford
bashford at

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