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Thought a few of you might be interested.

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		SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA	9-11 FEBRUARY 1993                                          
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		PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT                                                      
The next International Conference on Confocal Microscopy and 3D Image           
Processing will be held in Sydney, Australia.  This meeting is the              
successor to the well-established series of International Conferences           
on Confocal Microscopy, and on 3D Image Processing in Microscopy.  It           
is the first occasion that this important scientific meeting will be            
held in the Southern Hemisphere, where it will be combined with the             
Symposium of the Image Analysis Society of Australia.                           
General Information                                                             
Date:	9-11 February 1993                                                        
Venue:	Sydney, Australia                                                        
Accommodation:	Selection of hotels or college accommodation to suit             
		all budgets.                                                                  
Scientific Programme                                                            
This international meeting will bring together world experts to                 
examine new techniques for the acquisition and analysis of 3D images,           
with particular emphasis on confocal and other microscopic                      
applications.  In addition, sessions will be devoted to the                     
applications of 3D imaging techniques in biology and medicine, food             
science, materials and industrial inspection.  The programme will               
include invited and contributed lectures, and poster presentations.             
An abstract book will be provided at the conference.  Full papers may           
be published in a special issue of Micron and Microscopica Acta.  A             
technical exhibition will be held during the conference.                        
Call for Papers/Posters                                                         
You are invited to submit abstracts describing original research in             
areas including:                                                                
Image acquisition and processing                                                
* 3D image formation                                                            
* Instrumentation for confocal and 3D microscopy                                
* High-speed confocal imaging                                                   
* Novel imaging modes                                                           
* Super-resolution                                                              
* 3D imaging in machine vision and remote sensing                               
* Low light level imaging                                                       
* Time-resolved microscopy                                                      
* Image enhancement and restoration                                             
* Image segmentation and measurement                                            
* Image reconstruction and visualization                                        
* Pattern recognition                                                           
* Multi-dimensional (3D+time, 3D+wavelength) image processing                   
Applications of 3D Imaging                                                      
* Applications in Biology and Medicine                                          
* Multiple labeling techniques                                                  
* Imaging cytometry                                                             
* Neuronal and tissue structures                                                
* Eye research, dental research                                                 
* In vivo applications                                                          
* Cell motility                                                                 
* Calcium imaging                                                               
* Food structure                                                                
* Paper and fibers                                                              
* Composite materials                                                           
* Surface profiling                                                             
* Surface roughness and texture measurement                                     
* Dimensional Metrology                                                         
* Industrial inspection                                                         
Deadline for submission of Abstract is 15 September 1992.  To submit            
your abstract please complete the Intent to Present Paper form and you          
will be forwarded an abstract form and instructions.                            
Organizing Committee                                                            
M Berman, Australia                                                             
G J Brakenhoff, Netherlands                                                     
P C Cheng, USA                                                                  
C J Cogswell, Australia                                                         
S Kawata, Japan                                                                 
A Kriete, Germany                                                               
J O'Byrne, Australia                                                            
C J R Sheppard, Australia (Chair)                                               
T Wilson, UK                                                                    
Sponsored by                                                                    
* Image Analysis Society of Australia                                           
* Microscopical Society of Australia                                            
* Australian Pattern Recognition Society                                        
* Science Foundation for Physics within the University of Sydney                
The registration fee will be A$345 before 30 November 1992                      
which will include admission to all scientific sessions, and one                
copy of the final program and book of abstracts.  Students will be              
eligible for a reduced rate at A$245.  After 30 November 1992 fees              
will be A$395 full registration and A$295 for student.                          
Tours and Sightseeing                                                           
A sightseeing tours program will be provided for delegates and                  
accompanying persons.  Sydney, one of the world's most beautiful                
cities, is located on a magnificent harbour and offers a variety of             
sightseeing experiences.                                                        
Pre and post symposium tours will be organized to the Great Barrier             
Reef and the Red Centre (Ayers Rock and Alice Springs).                         
Please complete and detach this form and post to the address below:             
INTENT TO ATTEND/PRESENT PAPER AT ICCM&3DIP                                     
Please use block letters to complete this form.  A separate form is             
required for each participant.                                                  
Title (Mr/Dr/etc)__________Surname_____________Given Name________________       
Postal Address __________________________________________________________       
( ) I plan to attend the symposium and I would like to receive                  
		registration information.                                                     
( ) I would like to submit a paper.                                             
Please return this nice by airmail to                                           
ICCM&3DIP Secretariat, GPO Box 128, Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
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