Showing Brookhaven DB Models on PC

hans li li at
Wed Mar 18 21:10:19 EST 1992

Need some help here.  My boss has assigned me the task of trying to find a 
program which will run on a 386 with coprocesser, vga and 4 megs of ram (just
in case there are some that won't run on that) which will allow us to draw/
render models of enzymes and other molecules based on the brookhaven database.
He would like one where we can actually go in and take measurements of the
distance between specific groups, but not necessarily one which will do
energy minimazations(sp).  

This is not limited to shareware/freeware and as long as it's of reasonible
cost (under 200) he'll spring for it. 

Please reply via email as I don't monitor this group regularly.

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