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Tue Mar 17 16:37:56 EST 1992

I pass information about this society on to you, in case this of
interest.  It came to me by way of the American Editor of
the journal.   Topics for the journal include speculations
in biology, mathematics, and general science.


There is a proposal to found an international learned society
for rational speculations in science and technology. A journal
already exists: "Speculations in Science and Technology" is
published quarterly, this year being its 15th.

The proposed society -- Society for Rational Speculations in
Science and Technology (SRSST) -- will be headquartered in
England. The journal "Speculations in Science and Technology"
will be its flagship journal.

At this time we are wondering about the response of the
scientific community towards the proposed society. SRSST would
hold annual meetings, publish a monthly newsletter and the
quarterly. It would be administered by an Administrative Committee whose
members would be elected for three years at a time on a staggered basis.

It is envisoned that the annual membership dues will be
US$60.00 and the quarterly journal will be sent free to all

If you are interested in Charter Membership of SRSST, please
send your name and postal address to:
        Dr. Peter J. Farago,
        Science and Technology Letters,
        P.O. Box 81, Northwood,
        Middlesex HA6 3DN, Great Britain.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Akhlesh Lakhtakia,
American Editor, SST

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