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In article <1992Mar18.034710.17313 at uunet.uu.net> I wrote something perhaps of interest to readers of this group:
>Request for Discussion (RFD)
>This message formally initiates discussion of the formation of a newsgroup
>		sci.anthropology
>Meeting place
>This discussion will take place in the group:
>		news.groups
>Meeting time
>Let's aim to finish our discussion by the end of March, and hold a
>Vote in April 1992.
>What will our charter be?
>I've been in correspondence with others on and off for several months.
>I'll hint, in the next sections, at the views that have appeared in my
>	sci.anthropology is a worldwide forum for the comprehensive
>	interests of professionals in and students of the science of
>	anthropology.  This includes the four conventional categories
>	of archaeologic, biologic, linguistic, and socio-cultural
>	anthropology, along with the wealth of more specialized sub-
>	disciplines, and all professional concerns.
>	Questions appropriate for discussion within sci.anthropology
>	include
>	1.  what is a good paper to use when taking
>	    notes in tropical climates?  Is there one
>	    that holds up particularly well there?
>	2.  Which cultures regarded lyme grass (seeds)
>	    as culinary items?
>	3.  What do others think about the latest results
>	    of investigator N on brain lateralization
>	    and linguistic behavior?
>	4.  What archeologic evidence is there for long-
>	    distance sea-trade along the Pre-Columbian
>	    Pacific Coast of Central America?
>	5.  My university doesn't "credit" publications
>	    in overseas journals; how can I improve my
>	    tenure dossier?
>	6.  Has anyone written an ethnography of the
>	    Sendero Luminoso?  Does it investigate
>	    the feminized militarism some observers
>	    have claimed prevails?
>	7.  The department of anthropology at the principal
>	    college in country C has the reputation of
>	    fomenting dissent.  Thugs have caused damage G;
>	    we call on scholars around the world to petition
>	    our government to take action R.
>	8.  What is a good combination of microcomputer software
>	    and hardware to record parish vital statistics in
>	    the field (electricity is reliable only a few hours
>	    a day)?
>        Anthropology's concerns are inclusive.  Almost all these
>	topics invite cross-posting among several existing news-
>	groups; the contribution of sci.anthropology is to provide
>	a unifying perspective and tone, that of contemporary aca-
>	demic anthropology.
>Some Issues
>1.  Moderation:  the usual:  folks like the quick response
>    of an unmoderated group, and no one is in a position to
>    assume the responsibility of moderation.  On the other
>    hand, net polluters are an annoyance.  Moreover, this is
>    a decision that needs to be made right, the first time;
>    my sources report there just is no precedent for a news-
>    group toggling its unmoderated status.
>2.  Name:
>    a.  relation to allied groups:  some favor organization
>        of an entire subhierarchy, along the lines of
>             sci.anthropology.sociologic
>             sci.anthropology.physical
>             sci.anthropology.linguistic
>        and so on.  To me, this sounds both too ambitious,
>        and also rather mistaken.  While the emic view, from
>        within the discipline of anthropology, is that anthro-
>        pology subsumes linguistics, primatology, economics,
>        sociology, folklorific studies, and so on, practitioners
>        in those areas legitimately argue that they have their
>        own paradigms and status coordinate to anthropology.
>        Therefore, I propose that we recognize and even celebrate
>        the likelihood of crossposting to our fellow newsreaders
>        in sci.bio, sci.econ, soc.history, sci.lang, soc.culture.*,
>        sci.archaeology, and others, but we impose no necessary
>        relation between any two of these.
>    b.  sci.anthropology?  sci.anth?  sci.anthro?  soc.anthropology?
>3.  Participation:  creation of a newsgroup requires, among other
>    criteria, an affirmative vote by at least 100 newsreaders.  Are
>    there that many of us, worldwide?  I would think so, but, unless
>    I receive email or other indications from a number comparable to
>    this, I will have no interest in initiating a Call For Votes.
>4.  Alternatives:  someone with deeper experience than I can describe
>    the success of the ANTH-L mailing list.
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