Species Diversity in Temperate zones

James F. Gries jombo at mentor.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Mar 17 09:54:37 EST 1992

I am a college student attending Purdue University.  I am writing a 
paper/research proposal (the assignment is to write a proposal but will
not be entered anywhere).  The topic I chose was "Species diversity verses 
forest size in temperate zones".  I am looking for any articles written
on this or a related topic within the last few years.  The only things
I have found were on diversity in the tropics.  I am particularly interested
in looking at the infractioned forest caused by the extensive farming here
in the Midwest and comparing that to the diversity of the a relativly 
undisturbed area. Any help would be appreciated.  

	As I do not often have time to read the news, please reply by email
to:    jombo at mentor.cc.purdue.edu  
Thanks in advance.  

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