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Tony Travis ajt at
Mon Mar 16 14:43:07 EST 1992

marder at writes:
: TRAVIS>How about BIOPLANT as an e-mail subscription name ?
: TRAVIS>name:		bionet.plants/BIOPLANT
: I would prefer PLANTBIO - (BIOPLANT sounds a bit too much like a
: fermentation facility)

BIOPLANT is just a contraction of bionet.plants

Your e-mail name could also be the news group name couldn't it?

	bionet.plantbio		(cf. bionet.molbio)

Maybe there are too many 'bio's in that though ...

: [ ... stuff deleted]
: The best we can do is to try and whet peoples' apetites by demonstrating
: the utility of news.  e.g. I regularly post items from BIONET to the
: PHOTOSYN distribution list (subscribers get this by email) and am trying to
: raise awareness in that sector.  I think that my most useful act to date
: was to put a PHOTOSYN subscriber in touch with a BIONET activist at his
: site (I think a student in his own department).  This is fine where a
: newsfeed is already available.  As for isolated sites where the computer
: services do not include access to news, the pressure will have to come from
: within.  If we all keep at it with personal contacts, mentions of BIONET
: during conferences, Journal articles (where possible) I think that things
: will quickly improve.

I think it is important to stress that a getting a news feed does *not*
require a site to take all USENET news groups in order to be useful.  A
site can be quite selective in what it takes, and it may be easier to
justify a request to take only the bionet USENET hierarchy.


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