Personal vs BioSci solicitation of discussants

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Sun Mar 15 23:42:24 EST 1992

>         One possibility is to send your informational messages about the
> discussion of a proposal (or have the BioSci management themselves send them)
> with the Reply-to field set to BIOFORUM, as is done with the initial calls for
> discussion posted to bionet.announce/BIONEWS.  A consequence, unfortunately,
> is that bounced mail ends up posted to BIOFORUM as well.

Yes, I realized belatedly that I shouldn't have put a
Reply-To: bioforum at line in my BIONEWS/bionet.announce
posting because of the potential for bouncers to come back to the
newsgroup.  I'm not going to do this in the future and don't recommend
that others do either.

On a second note, a few people seem to be aware of the USENET
newsgroup but not the fact that there are also mailing lists to
accompany each USENET newsgroup.  The same postings are disseminated
on both.  While we strongly encourage everyone to switch to news, the
mail alternative exists for those poor souls who do not yet have news
software locally 8-).  Feel free to direct any questions about mail
subscriptions to biosci at


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

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