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Sun Mar 15 23:00:31 EST 1992

In article <01GHOJNK54DC0002N5 at WFEB2.BITNET> MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET (Foteos Macrides) writes:
>        One possibility is to send your informational messages about the
>discussion of a proposal (or have the BioSci management themselves send them)
>with the Reply-to field set to BIOFORUM, as is done with the initial calls for
>discussion posted to bionet.announce/BIONEWS.  A consequence, unfortunately,
>is that bounced mail ends up posted to BIOFORUM as well.
         Actually, this sounds like a good idea if it could be done without
driving Dave (or whoever) nuts.  Anyway, it was an interesting "learning"
situation for me.  Besides the fact that the mailer on our vm/cms system    
seemed to have an attack after getting 130 addresses stuck in it at one
time no damage was been done.  Besides the fact that everybody got a message 
with, shall we say, a rather lengthy header on it the whole thing didn't 
go too bad.  

        (If anybody knows how to do a bulk mailing on a  
            vm/cms system WITHOUT attaching everybodies 
               address to each message I'd appreciate it 
                  if you would drop me a note at  
                        > mwfolsom at unmvm <.)		

>        You also raise an issue worth considering further.  Such messages are
>likely to elicit some (many?) replies not specifically related to the
>proposal, but instead are questions about bionet/BIOSCI that might be most
>efficiently handled by the BioSci management (e.g., by sending the respondent
>the BioSci info sheet, and/or the FAQ Dave is developing, and/or any other
>information not already in those documents).

         So far I've only got 2 questions, although a few more might appear. 
Basically I sent 'em something that Dave posted on bionet.announce about the 
structure of the bionet discussion groups and how one might join via e-mail.

         Like I said it was a learning experience.  Althought if I ever do
it again I think I'll turn off the acknowledge feature.  


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