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Karen Snetselaar karen at
Sun Mar 15 19:29:05 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar13.193450.22148 at> ajt at (Tony Travis) writes:
>: [...stuff deleted]
>The definition of 'botany' is: "the scientific study of plants" which
>I think is general enough to please everyone.  I'm happy to accept a
>majority vote on it though ...
>	Tony

I agree, "botany" is a perfectly good word; using it leaves no room
for the kinds of misunderstandings that a couple people have mentioned 
in reference to "plants".  I know it's a small point, but the previous
discussion suggesting that "botany" somehow has come to evoke images
of octogenarians with hand lenses and wildflower books makes me squirm.
I'm a mycologist who specializes in plant parasitic fungi, but when a
non-biologist like my Aunt Grace or the man who repairs my car wants
a one-word description of my vocation, "botanist" is just right.  

Karen Snetselaar
Department of Plant Pathology

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