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Mike Folsom mwfolsom at
Fri Mar 13 18:21:29 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar13.184722.19465 at> ajt at (Tony Travis) writes:
>How about BIOPLANT as an e-mail subscription name ?
                      sounds good to me -  

>name:		bionet.plants/BIOPLANT
>type:		unmoderated
>charter:	Discussion of all aspects of plant biology
>ie. no specific areas included or excluded.  Is this correct?

Now the real question is how do we talk all the recalciumtrant plant 
people to join in?  I have enough problem getting 'em to think about
e-mail.  The idea of getting them to join a discussion group seems  
much more difficult.  Besides talking 'em into investing the time   
what can I do about technical issues?  For example, I just sent off a  
message to assorted beings on a plant taxonomy mailing list.
Basically I told them that a discussion was going on in bionet.general
about creating bionet.plants.  ((Dave was notified!))  Anyway  
now I'm getting back questions that I can't handle.

Any advice on where to direct people.  For example, somebody just  
told me that they had never heard of Usenet before and asked how
they subscribed to everything.  Ehhh gads!  What a concept.  
Someone else assured me that their campus didn't get such a creature
(they're at the Univ. of Kansas - they just have to get Usenet) 
but if bionet.plants formed let them know how to subscribe.  Should
I encourage this person to look for Usenet or just let 'em know how
to subscribe.  Advice anyone?

Bye -


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