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Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Mar 13 14:26:15 EST 1992

Bill Williams writes:
: I side with the generalists, being rather a generalist myself.  The other  
: newsgroups that I read regularly are quite general, but I have no problem  
: following the threads.  

Do you use a threaded newsreader like Tass or Tin?

I find I can skip articles that don't interest me and locate ones that do
very easily using Tin 1.1, but older newsreaders like "rn" can be hard work
and I suspect much of the motivation to sub-divide groups comes out of
frustration with poor newsreaders.

There is a FAQ about newsreaders that is posted regularly in and Tin 1.1 was recently posted to
comp.sources.misc which is where I got my copy from.


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