Ethylene as a plant hormone - rubber trees.

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>S.J.Weil at (S.J. Weil) writes:
>>A friend working with rubber trees in Malaysia has asked me to post a
>>request for the following information/help:
>>He would like to contact anyone who is/has been working with ethylene as
>>a plant hormone, and its role in the physiology of plants.
>>phenomenon is due to something else.  Searching the literature has drawn
>>a blank, so if anyone is able to help at all please could you contact
>	I found this refence in my biology textbooks, they might
>help ('course, you might have already found more):
>	SISLER, E.C., and S.F. YANG: "Ethylene, the Gaseous Plant 
>	Hormone," BioScience, vol. 33, page 238, 1984.
>Bryan Siegfried

Rolf Cristofferson at I think UC San Diego has been doing molecular work on
ethylene as a inducer of ripening in Avocado.  He has a number of papers out.
Tom McCreery
U of Az Plant Science

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