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Wed Mar 11 15:47:01 EST 1992

Michael Bardeggia
Biology Department		tel home: (705) 523-1552
Laurentian University		tel work: (705) 675-1151 ext. 2277
Ramsey Lake Road		email: g1400050 at nickel.laurentian.ca
Sudbury, Ontario

	I am a graduate student studying copper and nickel accumulation in the
hepatopancreas (liver) of terrestrial isopods (pill bugs).  I am now using a
Scannin Electron Microscope (SEM), however, I would prefer the use of a 
Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), and even better if the TEM is equipped 
with an X-Ray probe.  If anyone can help me or knows someone who can 
please contact me.

In great anticipation,

Michael Bardeggia    

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