Volume Rendering, heart movie

alex colburn colburn at tessa.iaf.uiowa.edu
Thu Mar 12 11:12:55 EST 1992


I have posted a movie to alt.binaries.pictures, and
uploaded it to wuarchive.wustl.edu in the /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/demo
directory under hheart.zip.
	I thought this movie might be of general interest
to people on the net who are interested in volume rendering,
ie researchers who need to visualize confocal or other volume data sets,
programmers, or people who like to do cool graphics with their PC's.

This is a movie of a rotating heart rendered by VOXBLAST on a
486 DOS machine.  There are 29 images, each took about 15-30
seconds to render.  This kind of shows what you can do with
voxel rendering.  We apply this same technique to MRIs of
brains and to confocal microscope data, with similar results.

Also included is the movie player/viewer.

The images are 256x256  with 256 colors, I had to reduce them
from 24 bit RGB images to view them on VGA graphics.


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