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Wed Mar 11 11:56:36 EST 1992

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> Subject:    University libraries
> Date:       9 Mar 92 20:21:58 GMT

> Could someone direct me to information on accessing various university library
> computers via internet?  I recall that there was a posting on this subject
> some time ago.  Please forward a copy of your reply to this newsgroup and to
> my email address.  thanks.
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     Gopher is nice - also easy.

     There's also a hypertext 'popup' for MS-DOS called Hytelnet.
     It's available by anonymous ftp                    ( use binary mode )

     1. in the LIBRARY directory       ( cd [.library] )
     2. simtel20 archives in the MSDOS.HYPERTEXT directory
        ( is prob. there - else check for hyteln??.zip )
     3. wuarchive 'mirror' of simtel20 in directory mirrors/msdos/hypertext

     HYTELNET50 also contains a fair amount of information
     on Telnet-able Internet resources OTHER THAN libraries, plus
     some help info on telnetting & library software commands.
     BUT its use is not as 'transparent' as gopher ...

     Hope it helps,

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