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In article <1992Mar10.163417.1 at> marder at writes:
>We have a choice facing us in the wording of the charter; either we include
>a list of "topics" (to be assembled from the interests of contributors to
>this discussion) or we go for a very general "ALL ASPECTS OF PLANT
>BIOLOGY". The first approach has the advantage of attracting those who find
>"their subject" listed - but we might discourage potential participants who
>don't see their interests represented.
>I favour taking the second approach and to leave mention of specific topics
>out of the charter.  Lets instead propose some discussion topics in the
>inital get-to-know-each-other postings. I was impressed with the excellent
>start to the "Chowder Society" list (Biological Information theory - Tom
>Schneider et al.); an early "welcome" message from one of the newsgroup
>organisers listed a few potential topics and they never looked back.  Once
>we win the vote on BIONET.PLANTS, it'll be up to us Plant Scientists to
>think up some topics and provocative questions to get the newgroup going.

I agree.  I've already expressed my dislike for excessive structure so I 
won't get back into that.  Lets leave it broad and see what happens.  I'd
personally like to see several "threads" going on at once so if you ain't 
interested in one you might be in another.  

Re: the "Chowder Society" - I've only been following it for a while but
it seems to be a good model for bionet.plants.  Even though my interests 
include areas that are a bit removed from their main thrust I still find
it quite worthwhile.


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