Ethylene, rubber and Sylvia

pbacon at pbacon at
Tue Mar 10 09:17:28 EST 1992

Amazed to see you on the Network, Sylvia! Your Malaysian mate should
check the Annual Reports of the Balai Penelitian Perkebunan Sembawa.
We did a plethora of experiments on the use of ethylene to stimulate
rubber production in the mid-eighties.  The consensus was that production
could be increased dramatically (40%/day) but the trees quickly
exhausted and died.  Ethylene is generated from a calcium carbide
dust and is widely used in commercial plantations in Indonesia. It
is expensive and dangerous for use by smallholders and therefore not
recommended.  BPP Sembawa can be contacted at Kotak pos 27, Sembawa,
Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia.  This area of a research has
an extensive literature which should be accessible to a Malay speaker.

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