Brendan Kehoe brendan at cs.widener.edu
Wed Mar 11 02:19:54 EST 1992

sandy at nmr1.UUCP wrote:
>Would someone kindly repost info on where to ftp the Zen and the Art of 
>Internet  book from within the USA? Thanks, our ftp to finland is missing
>some stuff that is incomprehensible to me. ----Sandy

The main site is ftp.cs.widener.edu, in the directory pub/zen.  Others are:

US (a bunch in addition to):
* ftp.uu.net:/inet/doc
* mailer.cc.fsu.edu:/pub/doc
* nic.near.net:/docs
* samba.acs.unc.edu:/pub/wuarchive/doc/misc/zen-1.0.PS
* pprg.eece.unm.edu:/pub/inet
* wasp.eng.ufl.edu:/net/zen-1.0

* relay.cs.toronto.edu:/pub/zen
* archie.mcgill.ca:/
* draco.ccs.yorku.ca:/pub/doc/zen

* faui43.informatik.uni-erlangen.de:/IP/papers/zen-1.0.PS.Z

* nic.funet.fi:/pub/netinfo/doc

* ccadfa.cc.adfa.oz.au:/archives/netinfo/zen-1.0.tar.Z
* rana.cc.deakin.oz.au:/pub/misc/zen-1.0.ps.Z
* sirius.ucs.adelaide.edu.au:/pub/misc/zen-1.0.ps.Z
* tasman.cc.utas.edu.au:/pub/doc/zen-1.0.PS.Z
* uniwa.uwa.oz.au:/pub/doc/zen-1.0.ps

* puffin.doc.ic.ac.uk:/inet/doc/zen

If you only have access to Email, you can get the postscript copy by
writing to info-server at nnsc.nsf.net with the body containing
     request: nsfnet
     topic: zen-1.0.PS
     topic: zen.readme

If you're on BITNET and on a Vax running VMS, you can get it as a
backup saveset by writing to vmsserv at uoft02 with the body
	send zen-1.package

Hope this helps.

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