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> Dave posted my original 'charter' and I want to use this as the
> starting point for discussions about the purpose of the new group. I
> want the group to be 'general' in the sense that any aspect of plant
> biology is open for discussion, but I am particularly interested in the
> use of computers and information technology in plant biology.
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We have a choice facing us in the wording of the charter; either we include
a list of "topics" (to be assembled from the interests of contributors to
this discussion) or we go for a very general "ALL ASPECTS OF PLANT
BIOLOGY". The first approach has the advantage of attracting those who find
"their subject" listed - but we might discourage potential participants who
don't see their interests represented.

I favour taking the second approach and to leave mention of specific topics
out of the charter.  Lets instead propose some discussion topics in the
inital get-to-know-each-other postings. I was impressed with the excellent
start to the "Chowder Society" list (Biological Information theory - Tom
Schneider et al.); an early "welcome" message from one of the newsgroup
organisers listed a few potential topics and they never looked back.  Once
we win the vote on BIONET.PLANTS, it'll be up to us Plant Scientists to
think up some topics and provocative questions to get the newgroup going.

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