Proposed bionet.plants group

Tony Travis ajt at
Wed Mar 11 08:29:56 EST 1992

GRAZIAWD at SPLAVA.CC.PLATTSBURGH.EDU ("William D. Graziadei") writes:
: Well, I also hope that this group will merge *both* plant biologists
: and cell/molecular biologists. Problems of today require a cooperative
: solution to understanding and solving them. I for one not to mention
: the students training here in In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology
: look forward to participating in the plant group. If there is one thing
: I've learned (sometimes the hard way) is that in vitro approaches are
: not always the best and *do* require verification in vivo. So, I'll
: be looking forward to the ensuing discussions, and yes, posting of
: observations, questions, etc. 

What you say is true, of course, but the logical conclusion of it is
that we should all publish papers in one (merged) journal and attend
the same conferences :-(

Excessive group splitting is just as bad, but we are striving to create
a forum that will appeal to 'ordinary' plant biologists.  I think the
molecular biologists have set a good example, but until recently I have
to admit that I (unfairly) dismissed bionet as a forum for molecular
biologists with little to interest to me in it.

I believe that creating bionet.plants *will* merge the interest groups
that you mention: under the bionet hierarchy.


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