Proposed bionet.plants group

Tony Travis ajt at
Tue Mar 10 13:13:29 EST 1992

bryans at (B. Charles Siegfried) writes:
: 	The new bionet.plants group has an added benefit 
: that hasn't been mentioned yet.  There are plant biologists
: who have access to the net that don't use it yet.  Trying
: to convince them to start is hard.  Unless they are molecular
: biologists or agroforesters, it's difficult to show them a 
: part of the net for them.  bionet.plants is a good start.
: Hopefully we'll generate enough traffic to justify a 
: bionet.plants.* hierarchy.

I agree with you Charles - the molecular biologists have set us a good
example and shown what *can* be done.  I'm keen to see plant biologists
exploit bionet in a similar way.

One way of convincing sceptics to use news is to show them a _good_
threaded newsreader like Tass or Tin.  That way you can demonstrate how
*selective* you can be about the articles you read and they follow a
coherent thread.

... spread the word about bionet.plants!


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