Viruses: their parasites.

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>>	In one known case, there are three levels.  Tobacco necrosis
>>virus (TNV) is a fully independent RNA virus.  Sometimes, a mutation deletes
>>some of the replication genes, creating a d.i.v. known as satellite tobacco
>>necrosis virus (STNV).   Without TNV around, STNV is helpless.  STNV 
>>co-infection drives down the number of TNV particles produced.  STNV does
>>encode the viral coat, but sometimes these genes are also deleted resulting
>>in low molecular weight satellite component (LMSC).  The only information
>>contained on LMSC is the signal for packaging.  Thus LMSC slurps up
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^
>>the viral coat components being created from STNV and TNV, while using the
>>replication machinery of TNV (and the resources of the T everything is 
>>Keith Robison
> `
>  What do you mean by signal for packaging.
	Although I'm not highly familiar with this strain of virus, I'd 
suspect that what he's meaning is the RNA sequence that some enzyme or 
portion of the viral packaging grabs onto in order to stick the RNA copy 
into the viral shell.

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