Ethylene as a plant hormone - rubber trees.

S.J. Weil S.J.Weil at
Mon Mar 9 02:05:06 EST 1992

A friend working with rubber trees in Malaysia has asked me to post a
request for the following information/help:

He would like to contact anyone who is/has been working with ethylene as
a plant hormone, and its role in the physiology of plants.

By applying ethylene to rubber tree bark, latex yields are increased
(cumulative yield increases of 200-250% as compared to traditional
tapping systems).  A temporal variation in the effect of ethylene on
latex yields has been noted, and this worker is wondering whether the
ethylene receptor cells lose their receptivity over time, or if this
phenomenon is due to something else.  Searching the literature has drawn
a blank, so if anyone is able to help at all please could you contact
him at:

AGuha at

postal address:
Amithaba Guha
Agricultural Research & Advisory Bureau
3.5 miles Kajang-Serdang Rd.
Selangor 43000

Akternatively, reply to me by email and I can forward it on.

Many thanks
Sylvia Weil

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