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Tony Travis ajt at
Mon Mar 9 14:34:46 EST 1992

MMELAN at LUCY.WELLESLEY.EDU (Melissa Melan) writes:
: [...]
: 	I fully support the creation of bionet.plants and, according to our 
: new policy, also support dropping Agroforestry if no one is using it.  For 
: many of us who feel that Arabidopsis is not the ONLY plant on the face of 
: the earth, a group for discussion of issues such as growth and 
: developmental processes, hormonal actions, stress physiology, structural 
: biophysics, secondary compound biochemistry......etc, etc.... will be MOST 
: welcome.

Thanks for your support Melissa.  I think bionet.plants is long overdue
and I'd like everyone who supports the proposal to make an effort to
inform others who may be interested that this discussion is taking
place on bionet.general

I've had quite a lot of e-mail about bionet.plants directed to me
personally, and I'm pleased about that, but I'd like more of the issues
raised publically so we can get this thing off the ground.  The
discussion period is ten days by which time we must have enough support
for a vote to succeed.

Dave posted my original 'charter' and I want to use this as the
starting point for discussions about the purpose of the new group. I
want the group to be 'general' in the sense that any aspect of plant
biology is open for discussion, but I am particularly interested in the
use of computers and information technology in plant biology.


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