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Sat Mar 7 13:04:00 EST 1992

In <9203071703.AA1742 at> Samuel Scheiner writes:

>It seems as if you wish to focus on molecular/physiological/
>organismal issues.  What about ecology and evolution?    

	Upon looking over the latest revised list of newsgroups, there are
three groups where ecology and evolution issues can be 
discussed.  These are Molecular-Evolution, Population-Biology, and Tropical
Biology.  It doesn't seem, therefore, that the ecologists and evolutionary 
biologists are being left out in the cold.
	On the other hand, people wishing to discuss plant physiology/
organismal biology do not have an appropriate group.  The plant-related
groups listed are Arabidopsis and Agroforestry.  I work with Arabidopsis 
and so have subscribed to that group.   However, since my work does not 
involve either agriculture or forestry I did not subscribe to Agroforestry.
The Arabidopsis group is no doubt a quite specialized one and it seems that 
many feel that Agroforestry is specialized also and hence the low volume of 
postings to that group.
	I fully support the creation of bionet.plants and, according to our 
new policy, also support dropping Agroforestry if no one is using it.  For 
many of us who feel that Arabidopsis is not the ONLY plant on the face of 
the earth, a group for discussion of issues such as growth and 
developmental processes, hormonal actions, stress physiology, structural 
biophysics, secondary compound biochemistry......etc, etc.... will be MOST 

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