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Tue Mar 3 15:16:53 EST 1992

CF427620 at LIUVAX.bitnet wrote:
>Is this "book" available in ASCII format?  I don't have access to a
>Postscript printer at this time.  Also, I don't have access to FTP - is it
>available from a LISTSERV?

It's not available in ASCII form yet.  I'll drop a note in
bionet.general when it's finished.  At that time I plan to register
a WAIS database for it, as well.

There are four methods other than direct FTP that you can use to get
the booklet.  If you're on Bitnet, you can write to bitftp at pucc with
the body containing the command "help", or if you're limited to UUCP,
write to ftpmail at with a similar body.  You'll receive
instructions on how to get the file.  (FTP instructions appear below.)
The third yields a VMS backup saveset: writing to vmsserv at uoft02 (aka with the body containing the command

	send zen-1.package

You'll get back a bunch of VMS-SHARE packages (~30), which you can
piece together then extract with the BACKUP command.  (Ask your local
support staff for help if you have trouble.)

Another option is by writing to info-server at with the body

	request: nsfnet
	topic: zen-1.0.PS
	topic: zen.readme

You'll get the PostScript version and the README for the guide.  (A
big thank-you to the folks at the NSF for this.)

>  While I'm at it:  I don't have access to Unix decompression programs.  Is
>it available in an uncompressed (or DOS compressed) form?  (Yes, I want

Yup, it's actually primarily distributed uncompressed (for exactly the
reason you bring up).  The site (IP
is the main distribution point, with the stuff stored in the directory
pub/zen.  Only the tar file is compressed.

I'm thrilled with the reponse Zen's received; thanks for your
interest!  (And thanks to Rob Harper for making it available to people
in Finland, as well.)

First, type


and when it gives you the 'Name:' prompt, type


If the name failed, try instead.
Then, with the Password: prompt, just give it your email address;
it doesn't really matter what you type here...using your addr is just
the tradition.  Anyway, you'll get in and be left sitting at the
prompt.  Type

	cd pub/zen

and do `dir'; you'll see the files listed there.  If you want the
PostScript version, type

	get zen-1.0.PS

If you're on a system that only allows one period in a filename, use

	get zen-1-0.PS

for example.  If you want the .DVI (a TeX dvi file) file, type

	get zen-1.0.dvi

(binary so it doesn't monkey with anything in the file).  The .tar.Z
file has the TeX source to the book, as well as the two other files
(PS and dvi); to get that, type

	get zen-1.0.tar.Z

instead.  Once the file's finished transferring, type


to get out.

Good luck!
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