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Thu Mar 5 07:54:54 EST 1992

1. Voting instructions
I can't remember who it was, but someone suggested that the call for votes
should explicitly state:-
YES vote means an intention to read the proposed newsgroup
NO  means objection to creation of the group
Those not interested in the proposed newgroup should NOT vote.

2. Inactive group removal
I have some trouble with Dave Kristofferson's formulation of group
termination policy.  Perhaps newsgroups put on notice should face a new vote
and be required to reach the same formula as for new newsgroups.
Threshold level (52 postings per year) sounds okay.

3. Objectionable groups
But how about a procedure to close down newgroups after less than 1 year
(e.g. to allow reorganisation or remove groups that turn nasty/embarassing
for bionet).
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