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Thu Mar 5 13:24:00 EST 1992

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>In article <1992Mar4.200253.12631 at>, biogen10 at (Bo Servenius, University of Lund, SWEDEN) writes:
>> Anyone that can direct me to where I can find instructions for 
>> printing of postscript files on a Mac.
>The Mac utility 'SEND_PS' does the job.  If anyone wants it I'll post it to 
>'' in BinHexed form.  However, I'm sure it is available on the 
>usual servers....

Thats true if you are using Macintosh System 6. Under System 7 you need a 
utility called "LaserWriter Font Utility" that is contained on the 
"Tidbits" disk thats part of the System 7 disk set.

If you are downloading a postscript file from a Unix or VMS system it is 
best to use binary transfers. This avoids problems with the end-of-line 
character differences.

Mike Cherry

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