Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Wed Mar 4 15:31:00 EST 1992

>No one has really raised further issues in the last day about anything
>other than the YES/NO vote count limits.  David Steffen's compromise
>idea of  YES - NO > 40 AND YES > 80 is more to my liking.  As it
>appears that only David and Fote (two regulars) have made further
>comments in the last day and most of the rest of the group has moved
>on to other topics,  I think that fervor for this discussion is dying
>down.  The remaining point worthy of a vote is the YES/NO limit, so I
>am putting out the following call for votes to wrap this up
>expeditiously (I have to leave for EMBL this weekend and need to get
>the Botany group proposal moving forward again before then).

        Well... actually... what I proposed yesterday ("at least 80 YES votes
*and* at least 40 more YES's than NO's") corresponds to what David proposed
today, and is now Option 2 (Option 1 is a misinterpretation of what I
proposed, but don't worry, who in his/her right mind would vote for that 8-).


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           HURRY UP -- Vote YES on the proposal and for Option 2!!!


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