Dr. Lynn A. Maguire

George Schuler schuleg at reis52.alleg.edu
Tue Mar 3 20:10:54 EST 1992

I have been applying to graduate schools and working on my senior thesis  
(and taking nine million courses and adjusting to North American life  
after studying in Costa Rica last semester) and I have applied to Duke  
University.  I understand from the readings that I have done that the work  
of Dr. Maguire (at Duke) is in my line of interest and I am curious if  
anyone has her email or bitnet address.  I would like to contact Duke  
faculty and her in particular to make some contacts and recieve some  
"informal observations" on my thesis.  John Terborgh's address would also  
be appreciated. 

George Schuler
schuleg at alleg.edu

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