Zen without PS or Unix

CF427620 at LIUVAX.bitnet CF427620 at LIUVAX.bitnet
Tue Mar 3 18:29:00 EST 1992

Bill Melchior writes:

>>        You also can display PS files under VMS or DOS (or Unix) with
>>GhostScript (FTP from prep.ai.mit.edu), which also has drivers for printing
>>PS files on non-PostScript printers (but they're not as nice as a *real*
>>PostScript printout 8-).

And Foteos Macrides writes:

>>        The formatting of the manual would be garbaged if an ASCII version
>>were created, but maybe somebody will find the time to do the conversion and
>>fix it up (at least we can hope; as things stand it's an excellent manual for
>>enlightening novices, but they can't figure out how to get it into a form
>>they can read, nor order a printed version 8-).
>>                                Fote

And Tom Schneider writes:

>>The uncompress program can be obtained by anonymous ftp from "uunet.uu.net"
>>in "compress.tar".  There is also a "help" file there.  For VAX VMS users,
>>it may also be obtained from genbank.bio.net in directory pub/vms as the
>>file "lzdcmp.exe" (Contact Dave Kristofferson, kristoff at genbank.bio.net
>>for more information.)

And Ross Smith writes:

>>For a two-week period I have put the files ZEN.PS-Z (UNIX compressed) and
>>ZEN.PS_LZ (VMS compressed with LZCMP) in our anonymous area so that people
>>can grab them without hitting the FTP server in Finland.  People with VMS
>>can also grab LZDCM.EXE which will decompress the the VMS file (on a VAX of

  What's the common denominator?  Following any of this advice requires the
ability to FTP, which I lack.  Can someone point me to a LISTSERV which has
a VMS version of this file?


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