BIOSCI newsgroup / Soliciting votes

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Mar 3 16:45:47 EST 1992

>    The rule about NO LOBBYING should come in once the vote is called i.e.
> it is fine to tell that we are discussing setting up bionet.plants
> but NOT okay to cross-post the vote call there or solicit votes in any
> other way. Is there a concensus on this?

The wording was changed as suggested by Fote yesterday.  There is no
mention of solicitation of votes and it will be made clear to people
that they can post notes announcing the discussion in other forums if
we are notified ahead of time, but advertisements are limited to calls
to join the discussion on BIOFORUM/bionet.general.  On the other hand
if someone does solicit votes and obviously stuffs the ballot box,
we'll probably have to discuss what to do here if and when this
happens.  The opinion was not to allow a single person veto power over
a vote through a minor infraction.

Regarding the other messages on the YES/NO limits, YES-NO > 50
essentially lowers the approval limit to 50 votes if no one votes NO.
This is not much improvement over our current easy limit of 40.  I
still dislike the idea of a minority overuling a vote of 80 with only
40 NO votes especially after they have had a chance to air their
gripes in advance during the discussion section, but since three
people have thought that the limit of NO > YES > 80 is too strict, I
am willing to compromise on Fote's position of NO >= 40 which was the
least bothersome in my mind unless there are other postings supporting
the NO > YES > 80 limit proposed earlier.

I'd really like to bring this to a close ASAP, so speak now or forever
hold your peace, etc.


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