Broken WAIS server for bionet archives?

Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at
Tue Mar 3 12:47:06 EST 1992

harper at (Rob Harper) writes:
>In <1992Mar2.225609.1 at> pathology at writes:

>>Is the WAIS server for the bionet archives still in service?  For the
>>past 10 days, I have received the error message "serious error in 
>>server" when I tried to use the WAIS service.  Other WAIS servers 
>>are working well for me.  I am using the address and the 
>>database name biosci.  Has the server address or database name changed?

>You are not the only one... for about a week now I have been getting
>"Code S1: Serious error in server".

Yes, this is being worked on.  Our problem is that the database rebuild has
grown beyond the size of the temporary directory we do our builds in.  Part
of the reason for this is that we have been indexing the GenBank updates 
(bionet.molbio.genbank.updates) with the rest of the data, and the last two
weeks have seen 12 megabytes worth of updates.  For comparison purposes, the
entire archive of bionet we keep here is about 45 Mbytes...
The cure was to turn off the indexing of bionet.molbio.genbank.updates 
(indexing them is of questionable value anyway).  Unfortunately, there is bug 
in 'waisindex' that causes it to crash if it finds and unreadable directory in
the tree it is indexing.  So, I am busily fixing this right now, and we should 
have our WAIS archive up again soon.

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