fresh water exotic species (e.g zebra mussel) group interest?

Edward Vielmetti emv at
Tue Mar 3 10:46:21 EST 1992

I'm looking for people who might be affiliated with the Great
Lakes Panel on Exotic Species, a group which "coordinates
research, monitoring, and control activities and advises a
national task force on Great Lakes priorities and policies",
or who have other research interests in the zebra mussel
infestation in the Great Lakes region, for establishment of
a possible newsgroup or mailing list to share information and

If you're interested in this, or if you have other interests
in freshwater biology in the Great Lakes, drop me a line; I'm
trying to get a sense for which organizations are on-line right
now in the area.

Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, MSEN Inc. emv at
      MSEN Inc., 628 Brooks, Ann Arbor MI  48103 +1 313 741 1120

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