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Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Mon Mar 2 10:04:00 EST 1992

>Now I hope nobody will get territorial or defensive and jump down my
>electronic throat on this, but are moderators a necessary resource ABOVE
>AND BEYOND the resource of parties who are just interested in the topics
>at hand?
>Hobart Cash

        I hope I didn't miss anything in the course of all this rapid-fire
discussion, but I did not perceive anyone as having suggested that we favor
"moderators" for the news groups, i.e., people who screen messages and decide
whether they should be distributed to the readership.

        What we're talking about is designated "promoters" or "advocates" of
discussion groups who are highly knowledgeable about the topic, feel
responsible for stimulating new discussion if there is an overly long lull,
and help keep the discussion focussed on the science without becoming too
stodgey or too heated in unconstructive ways.  They should post "examples" of
what is expected in the discussions, help answer unanswered questions or
rephrase them in ways likely to elicit substantive responses, etc.

        No matter how enthusiastic we might be about a new group at the time
of its creation, the *true* discussion groups won't "last" (IMHO) unless such
promoters are associated with them.


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