Zen without PS or Unix

CF427620 at LIUVAX.bitnet CF427620 at LIUVAX.bitnet
Mon Mar 2 22:06:00 EST 1992

>> A new "book" named "Zen and the Art of Internet- A beginner's guide
>> to the Internet" ( First edition, Jan 1992) can be had from
>> nic.funet.fi in the directory /pub/netinfo/doc under the title
>> zen-1.0.PS.Z
>> The "book" is about 100 pages and its author is Brendan P. Kehoe
>> RGDS -=ROB=-

Is this "book" available in ASCII format?  I don't have access to a
Postscript printer at this time.  Also, I don't have access to FTP - is it
available from a LISTSERV?

  While I'm at it:  I don't have access to Unix decompression programs.  Is
it available in an uncompressed (or DOS compressed) form?  (Yes, I want



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