Zen and the art of Internet

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Mon Mar 2 05:10:38 EST 1992

In <1992Feb29.230929.1 at uctvax.uct.ac.za> jds at uctvax.uct.ac.za writes:

I have been fielding a lot of questions about this publication. First of
all the name.

>> zen-1.0.PS.Z 

The extension .PS.Z means that it is a UNIX compressed file and that
it will uncompress to a POSTSCRIPT file. It is not a ZIP file as
many people have thought:-)
>Could you please post the IP number of nic.funet.fi ???
>I'm having difficulty with the domain names.

On many Unix machines there is a utility called nslookup. You can use this
to find out IP numbers if you know the IP address. Fire it up on your machine
and see what happens... here is what happens on mine.

sun4 /csc/harper 42> nslookup nic.funet.fi

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    nic.funet.fi

All the best


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