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Mon Mar 2 01:56:50 EST 1992

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>     This prompts a question - Would it be "legal" for someone to 
>     do a mass e-mailing to people on a list telling them of 
>     an impending vote and requesting their support?  If so, 
>     then what's the difference between doing this and posting     
>     the same message to another newsgroup?  

	I have always felt that when it comes to posting items to
	newsgroups... people post by example. They see how other people
	do it, then do the same... it's a sort of herd instinct.
	BioSci has always strived to maintain a certain "professionalism"
	and I would say that it has it's own style, whereas many on the
	other newsgroups on Usenet are more recreational... designed for

	So if you call for a vote and you collect many YES votes from
	tourists, then you might run into difficulties at a later date
	when they disappear in their coach to the next network attraction.
	Tourists like a show... verbal fireworks... flames. They go to 
	sleep reading about PCR, and temperature controls.

	For any newsgroup to succeed there has to be commitment from a
	dedicated group of people who work together to acheive a common
	goal. The main reason for this discussion is to lay down 
	foundational rules that will help identify the right group of 
	people who will form the nucleus of a new newsgroup and stick
	with it.

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